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Sky Networks is a pioneer of the digital poster concept in South. Sky Networks has a large network of LCDs across premium public spaces like Mc Donalds, Restaurants, Railway Stations and Airports and Retail locations in over Southwide. With our live advertising screens placed in cities across South at Mc Donalds restaurants, cafés, railway stations, airports, retail stores and malls, skynetworks gets the message across in a way that static posters and billboards never could.

Through our network of 200+ screens we reach over 1 million consumers every month. We offer advertisers a targeted audience that represents the spending population of the country like the youth and young professionals who frequent Cafe Coffee Day, families at McDonald's, brand conscious shoppers at Lifestyle and families at Resaurants. We provide brands the most technologically effective platform to stand out in today's saturated and cluttered media. What's more, our solution is the most cost effective of all other forms of advertising.

Research has shown that people respond better to moving images. At Sky networks, we make it simple to blend your video, text & graphics into a coherent and effective message. We have our own in house content and creative teams that will make advertisements & messages that are designed specifically for our medium to increase the impact of your spends. Our network is now grabbing the ad spend share from traditional forms of advertising like TV, newspapers, Hoarding,Tri-cycles & magazines. We already have over 100 clients signed up... We now invite you to take off with us!

We are a team of young professionals who collectively, have many years of experience and as individuals. We have a unique and complimentary approach towards running a business. We come together to help the company and its employees achieve its potential, while sharing our advances in the field with clients, partners and peers.